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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that marketing and sales were two different animals; therefore should be treated as such.  

However, decades of experience has taught me how false a misconception that really was …

What I’ve learned is that marketing and sales have merged, and any GAP that may have existed between them has closed …  That is, IF you’re doing your marketing correctly.   

In the last Infinite Business ArticleI talked about the 4 R’s.  

  1. Reach (who and how)
  2. Resonance (what)
  3. Relationships (value creation)
  4. Results (knowing what works)

I also talked about the importance of branding and positioning and how every company, no matter how big or small needs a voice. 

In simplest terms … We brand to engage a particular audience. We market to create value, establish relationships, and qualify our potential clients.  

When these are dialed in, the sales and conversion process practically becomes obsolete. Everything in your branding and marketing (if done correctly) should be pre-selling them on the value of your product or service AND what it can produce or solve for them.  What happens is, you become the desired solution above all others. 

Here’s a perfect example. 

Many clients come to us wanting to increase sales. The first thing they think they need is another funnel so they can get more leads. 

I ask them these 4 questions (and as you read these, ask yourself the same questions about your business): 

  1. How do you know you are attracting the right leads now? Are you 100% confident in your message to market match? 

2. How well do you understand the avatar of the prospect you are communicating with and trying to resonate with? 

3. Are you presenting a cohesive message (Are your sales team, marketing team, and customer service team aligned  and all communicating a congruent message?)

4. What is your value propositionWhat value are you offering that can produce results for your ideal client?  

If they can’t answer these questions with confidence, that’s usually a pretty good indicator that they really don’t need more leads … 

Tip: You don’t need tens of thousands of leads … You just need the right leads. 

It all starts with identifying your ideal client. 

WHO are they and WHERE are they?

Who do you want to attract? But also ask yourself … Who do you want to repel?

Think of your best clients. What are their attributes and characteristics?  

Then, WHERE are they? What are they “tuned” into? Do they listen to podcasts? Are they on YouTube? Do they subscribe to specific trade publications? 

The messaging and communication plan you craft for this audience must LEAD with VALUE. I can’t express this enough. 

Leading with value means doing what you can to add value to someone’s life before money ever exchanges hands. 

Leading with value results in a more consistent and predictable lead flow of the right ideal prospects … 

Value creators also build trust. They are the stepping stones to building relationships with your future clients. 


Sales is relationship building. 

And that process begins with your marketing and branding. 

How do you know when you’ve got both of these dialed in? 

  1. Objections steadily decrease
  2. You’re no longer “convincing” or persuading 
  3. Your conversion rate steadily increases  

Here’s another big topic of conversation with clients after determining they need more of the “right” leads to increase their sales (This is also after I hear how overwhelmed they are, and how they want their business to stop running them). 

I mention that when they get more of the right leads, that means they have an opportunity to increase sales; which means their business is going to change.  

I then ask them to tell me about the systems, processes, and structure they currently have in place.  

I ask them to tell me about their infrastructure to be able to support that so it doesn’t fall more on their shoulders. 

These growing pains are almost always overlooked. 

I know with 100% certainty one of the biggest reasons we’ve been able to grow and scale as fast as we have at Business Nitrogen is due to the proven success models, processes, and procedures I put in place (and continue to put in place).  Everything I learned through decades of trial and error. 

All those hard lessons came into play.  

Was it hard to do? Of course it was! 

I was moving from a lifestyle business that I had created of doing what I wanted when I wanted, to a business that required me to change how I operated. Change how I thought. 

I started hiring the right people in the right positions. I tuned-up the infrastructure to be able to handle it. So when it started to happen, the team was ready to be able to support it and chaos didn’t break loose. 

Many people have asked us if we could have our team responsible for these same results… transform their team into a high-performing team focused on building, growing and scaling their business for the long-term. 

And until now we haven’t been ready.

However now we are, and were looking for clients who have their own teams in place and understand that team collaboration is the real secret to success in business. 

So if you’ve achieved initial traction in your business and have a team, this could be a perfect opportunity for you to turn your business into an Infinite Business. 

If you can answer YES to both of these questions …

Have you achieved traction in your business, yet still can’t seem to reach the 7 or 8-figure mark? 

Do you have a killer team behind you that can help you execute exactly what it will take to break through that invisible ceiling in your business?  

… You could be a right fit for this new program. 

If you’re interested, message me with a little about your business and your biggest challenge when it comes to growing and scaling to the 7 and 8-figure mark.  

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