Why use an Equine Massage Gun on a horse?

An equine massage gun
can be used to treat many different aliments in horses. Massage gun
therapy can also be part of a routine maintenance plan for your equine.
 One of the most essential therapies is equine massage therapy, another
good recommendation is doing Troy Brandenburg’s Common Sense Stretches
before and after activity.

The equine massage gun is a powerful tool for building trust and
relieving the anxiety that a lot of horses may experience. From pleasure
horses to high-powered competition horses can all need the therapeutic
massage. The massaging can calm the horse’s nerves and help them adjust
quickly to a new environment, especially if they are always involved in
high-stress situations. The massage gun is not just for horses but can
be used on horse riders who are seeking physiotherapy to improve their
flexibility, pain relief, or to generally enhance their riding skills.

After trying Brandenburg Equine’s Percussion Equine Massage Gun, you will wonder how you and your horse managed so long without having our percussion device.