What’s the reason for the TFE and Kynar- PVDF long lead times

Within the last year, the market has experienced more allocations than I have come across within my 30 years experience. In the past I have seen sharp price increases, and I have observed several shortages, and delivery problems as a consequence of resin allocations from plastic resin suppliers. This is actually the first instance I have seen all these issues at the same time.

Polytetraflouroethylene (TFE) and PVDF are both on allocation.

The two of these resins are in short supply. The  PTFE Sheeting product PTFE (TFE) as well as Kynar-PVDF  manufacturing requires a mineral called Fluorspar which is mined in Mongolia and China. The world demand for this mineral has increased significantly, as well as the supply has tightened. PTFE materials have high temperature resistance, excellent chemical resistance and really low co-efficient of friction (slick) and is utilized throughout tons of purposes from non-stick fry griddles to ptfe tape for personal use. This specific mineral is a crucial raw material inside the manufacturing of fluoropolymers, fluorolubricants and quite a few refrigerants.This escalating demand mixed with general shortage of raw materials is responsible for a dramatic price increase (almost double within the last year), shortages, and we expect both these factors to continue in the near future.

When you are looking around for a plastic sheet distributor you will certainly also want to research the firm that you are taking care of to make sure that they are going to be around for a long period of time. If you are going to be having a lot of problems with your plastic sheet supply you are going to intend to make sure that you are going to have the ability to count on them to remain to give you with the premium product that you have actually concerned anticipate, for many years.

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