What’s the cost of a few seconds in the digital marketplace? Users won’t wait around for you to get it right.



Speed funnels welcomes you. We have
amazing information to share with you. Let me ask you a question: why do you
have a website a sales funnel if it’s, not to attract more prospects and
convert them into clients? Let’s start with the knowledge, but first let’s
start with a little history to understand why you are not presently maximizing
your conversion on all devices.

I hope that you all know that it’s
since October 2016. That mobile users have surpassed desktop users on the
internet. That mobile has most traffic followed by desktop than tablets. Google
has introduced that year the mobile-friendly test to know if your site was

The speed load test in 2018.

You just have to enter your domain
name here and click analyze. Even then, google has given the mobile speed first
and then desktop second starting July 1, 2019 mobile first indexing was enabled
by default for all new websites new to the web or previously unknown to google

Google has introduced at their last
chrome event in November 2019. Their latest audit test web.dev, let’s, build
the future of the web. Click on test, my site enters any web page URL domain name
addresses, including the https. Then click run audit.

With this latest test, there’s, no
more desktop results, and the next google summit is December, 9th and 10th

What’s the cost of a few seconds in
the digital marketplace? Users won’t wait around for you to get it right.

53 of mobile site visitors will leave
a page that takes longer than three seconds to load, while almost half of all
consumers browse via their phones only one in five complete transactions on

The optimal load times for peak
conversions ranged from 1.8 to 2.7 seconds across device types, just a 100
millisecond delay in load time. Pert conversion rates by up to seven percent
bounce rates were highest among mobile shoppers and lowest among those using

A two second delay in load time hurt
bounce rates by up to 103% on mobile. Now that you now know the problem, let’s,
learn now how to apply this knowledge. The first important thing you had to
remember get to know what it is.

You learned, where is your peak speed
load and where your bounce rate starts and finishes? Now you need to get your
page load in the peak rates, no matter what, as if your speed load gets over
the 4 Second, it’s over!! you’re making hardly any conversion, meaning no

Well, actually the best is to be
below 3 seconds
. The second important thing to remember is taking action,
so the first thing to take action is to go to your website address, or your
landing capture page address or the website or sales page funnel that you want
to know and find out the speed index.

This is the time it takes to a page
to be fully loaded, so you copy the complete address from your browser. Then
you go directly to this site Web.Dev. Then you
click on test my site.

Your link here and click run audit.
You will get the performance, the accessibility, the best practices in SEO, of
course, be as close to the green as possible, but the thing to remember here is
the speed index.

This is what will determine our peak
and bounce rate. This is why you need to be below 3 seconds to get the maximum
peak that occurs at 2.7 seconds on mobile, okay, and I will recommend you
strongly right below this video, the pdf that you should download as well just
below from the google UK director matt Bush saying that developers need to stop
making excuses for not providing proper user experiences on mobile.

All that I will share, came from what
the stats shows on what clients are expecting online. I recommend that you
download this pdf document and you’ll, see all the sources and studies that was
involved to make.

your Free Google PDF Article to Learn More!

You understand why the web
builder and the sales funnels industries do not want you to know about it,
since they do not have the solution yet enjoy. Doubling your sales with speed
funnels it’s, a pleasure to get you on board speed funnels! Welcomes you.