What is the Best Height to Mow your Lawn?

Many homeowners wonder what is the ideal grass height when mowing their lawns. If you want your grass to look healthy all summer long, you should not cut lower than three inches, especially if your lawn is not getting enough water regularly. A two and a half to three-inch cut promotes healthy growth and deeper roots and will retain moisture much longer.

The standard rule for mowing is never to cut more than one-third of the total grass blade length at a single cutting. The simplest way to achieve this is to allow your lawn to grow one-third longer than the average length before mowing.

Cool Canadian Lawn Grass

Cool-season turf, which includes fescues and Kentucky bluegrass, grows the most during the cool temperatures of spring and fall. While specific heights vary, the typical range for cool-season grasses falls between 1 and 4 inches high.
You will benefit from mowing your lawn frequently and maintaining the ideal length.

All lawn grass has a perfect mowing height. It doesn’t matter if it is cool-season grass in Ottawa, Canada, or warm-season turf in Florida, your specific type of grass has a height requirement. Keep your lawn grass at the ideal length, and you’ll be rewarded with lush, vigorous turf that can easily defeat weeds, drought, and disease. It’s also a good idea to do lawn aeration at the beginning of your lawn season

Don’t Believe The Hype

Ignore the lawn-mowing legend that says the shorter you mow your grass, the less often you’ll have to cut it. That foolish idea lays the groundwork for a problem-prone lawn. Grass that’s cut too short is more vulnerable to weed, drought, and heat damage.

On the other hand, If you let your turf grass grow too long between cuttings, you run the risk of promoting the perfect environment for insects and rodents. Lawn grass that’s too long can be hard to mow.

Extra-long grass clippings create work because they usually will need to be raked or bagged. Grass clippings that are too long will not break down quickly enough to return beneficial nutrients to the soil.

Cut Three Times A Month

Lawn care experts will tell you even during the peak growing season; you will probably only be mowing every seven to ten days at most. It will depend on several factors, your lawn’s ideal height, which varies during the growing season and depends on growing conditions. Also, do not cut lower than the ideal grass height, you could end up with lawn grass that is strangled by thatch and weeds and looks terrible,

Lawn care experts also say that certain types of grass can grow taller than others, which could determine when you will cut your grass. Whatever you decide, don’t cut off more than one-third of the grass blade.

By cutting lower than the ideal grass height, you could end up with your lawn grass that is strangled by thatch and weeds and looks terrible, as well as one that is not very healthy. A healthy lawn will have good nutrients and grass that grow very well, making for a beautiful and healthy property all summer long.