The top 8 gaming issues

1) Motion sickness


Motion sickness is one of the biggest problems in gaming. It can ruin a game for you and even make you sick to your stomach.


Many gamers get motion sick from playing games on their mobile devices, but they don’t want to stop playing because it’s such an enjoyable experience.


The Gaming Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses are specially designed glasses that reduce or eliminate motion sickness caused by video games and movies with 3D effects. These glasses are perfect for anyone who plays video games on their phone or other device, as well as those who watch movies with 3D features like Avatar or Star Wars VII.



2) Poor graphics


Most gamers know that graphics are important in a game, but they aren’t always willing to pay for the best gaming rig.


We all know how great it feels to play your favourite games with amazing graphics and smooth gameplay. However, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on an expensive gaming computer setup.


The good news is that there is another way to enjoy top quality graphics without spending a fortune on a new gaming PC. With Gaming laptops from Lenovo you get the performance you need at prices that won’t break the bank.



3) Uncomfortable controls


In gaming, the most important thing is to have a good control. With that gamers can enjoy their favourite games and feel comfortable while playing.


Unfortunately, not all controllers are designed for comfortability or portability. The majority of them are too big and uncomfortable to carry around with you when traveling or simply moving from one place to another. Also, some of them come in an ugly design which makes it difficult for you to even want to use it at home.


Gaming has created the perfect controller that is portable, lightweight and easy-to-use without sacrificing performance! This controller comes in different colours so that everyone will be able to find something they like! It also has a soft touch grip which allows you game comfortably for hours on end without feeling fatigued by your device!


4) Lack of immersion


Gamers are currently experiencing a lack of immersion in gaming. There is not enough interaction between the player and the character, which leads to dissatisfaction with games.


The new GameGlove technology will solve this problem by creating more immersive experiences for gamers through physical interactions with their devices.


The GameGlove is an advanced motion controller that allows users to interact physically with their game environment using gestures, movements and actions. This creates a much more realistic experience compared to current controllers available on the market today. For example, if you were playing a first person shooter game like Call of Duty or Battlefield, you would be able to use your hands as weapons such as rifles or pistols while interacting within the virtual world around you (elevation changes in terrain). By having direct control over what happens in-game, players can feel as if they are actually inside of it versus being limited by what buttons they can push on a controller/keyboard/mouse etc..


5) Difficulty in understanding the game’s objectives and rules.


The gaming industry is growing rapidly, and the number of players is increasing. However, there are still many people who don’t play games or have never played them before.


It’s hard to find a game that you like and can understand how to play it easily. Even if you do find one, it might be too difficult for you because of your age or lack of experience with this type of gameplay mechanics.



Our job at Gaming is to make sure that every player has an opportunity to enjoy playing our games regardless of their skill level or background knowledge about gaming in general . We’re developing video games which are easy-to-understand by everyone . This way we want more people around the world to be able to join us in our passion for gaming!


6) In-game purchases


We all love games, but hate the in-game purchase that are so often used as a money grab by game developers.


With Gaming we have taken this problem head on and created an app that lets you play your favorite games without having to pay extra for items or upgrades. You can even earn free credits by watching videos, downloading apps and completing surveys!


7. Hidden costs to play online with friends


Like paying for voice chat services like Skype or Discord; having to buy an Xbox Live Gold membership to play games on your console if you don’t already have one; and buying PlayStation Plus service if you want access to free monthly games on PS4 (which is required by Sony) and other benefits like discounts on digital content, automatic updates, cloud saves, etc.; many players also find these subscriptions cost more than they’re worth because there are so many things now that require them – even though some of those features were free at launch!


8. Bugs, glitches


The gaming industry is growing rapidly and so are the number of gamers. But the problem is that there are a lot of bugs and glitches while gaming, which not only annoys but also frustrates them.


There are many ways to solve this problem like installing anti-virus software or updating drivers or even restarting your system. But none of these actually works for long term solution because they just temporary fix it. It’s always good to have a permanent solution rather than having temporary fixes every time you face problems in your game play.


Gaming has come up with an innovative technology which automatically detects any issues in your device related to graphics card, sound card, windows settings etc., and solves them without requiring manual intervention from users by applying recommended solutions on their behalf after analysing the root cause of the issue. This will save both time as well as efforts for gamers who can then focus on enjoying their games without facing any distractions due to



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