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Marysville Everett Ceramic Tile is an independent family-owned flooring business in Marysville, Washington.
We offer a full selection of ceramic tile, carpet, laminates, pre-finished hardwoods, natural stone and vinyl. We can help you design that special look, and provide “Do-It-Yourself” guidance or professional installation. Free in-home estimates are also available.

We are located at 1220 2nd Street in Marysville, Washington.

Morris “John” Hiatt started out as a union tile setter, and in 1958 along with his wife Lillian, decided to not only install ceramic tile but to start selling it.  Everett Ceramic Tile was born. The couple sold retail out of their home in Everett, Washington until 1963 when the family and business moved to 1094 State Avenue in Marysville, WA. Instead of changing the entire name, it was decided to add “Marysville” to Everett Ceramic Tile. Since then, Marysville Everett Ceramic Tile has moved twice, and is now located in its 3rd and final location at 1220 2nd Street in Marysville.

All three of Morris and Lillian’s children (sons John & Randy, and daughter Pam) along with their spouses have worked in the store, and John and his wife Jodi are now the current owners. John and Jodi purchased the business in 1992 after Morris retired and Lillian was looking at retirement. Although both sons helped their dad while growing up, John began seriously working in the business as an apprentice tile setter after coming home from Viet Nam in 1969. John stepped into the everyday running of the store in 1975 after Morris had a heart attack and needed to slow down. Jodi joined him in 1987 as a sales person.

Randy joined the family business in 1983 and today is the lead tile setter. Pam has since moved on to other endeavors. The third generation of Hiatts took interest in the tile setting side of the business. Randy’s oldest son, Joel, joined the team in 2005 and worked with his dad creating beautiful works of art in ceramic tile and stone until summer 2011.

Since that first day in 1958, the business has grown and expanded into other types of floor coverings. Carpet, vinyl, laminate flooring, counter tops, pre-finished hardwood and natural stones have all been added. John and Jodi take pride in carrying on the family tradition of maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere, and helping the customer make their dream home become a reality!

We are proud of working with a crew of master tile setters, with experience on working with all types of materials ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone, and glass tile.

Our tile contractor skills go from simple tile floor, to all types of complex designs, to specialty applications, we have the staff to do the job right and to your expectations.

Combined with our tile contractor services, we also provide our customers with full carpet, vinyl and hardwood flooring services, and are licensed and bonded as a general contractor.

Contact us for more information at 360-659-4706.

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