Introducing The Good News Network New Social Network: The GoodNews! Gateway

Over the past 3 months The GoodNews! Network has made a major overhaul of our business model as we have created The GoodNews Gateway. “The Gatewayâ€, built on the NING platform, is turning into a social media platform designed for the Christian Media Community in general and the world at large. As the essential social media arm of The GoodNews! Network The Gateway will become the safe place for Christians ministries and individuals to learn, communicate and worship in a space built just for them!

To bring this  herculean task to pass we have employed the services of one of the nations preeminent Ning Community Media Platform Developers, Justin Farrow. Although Justin would probably protest me referring to him in such glowing terms, he has a proven track record of building Community Network sites that have organically grown to thousands of faithful, responsive followers.  We expect no less for The GoodNews! Network Gateway.

Together we are building a platform that encompasses all of the very best of the worlds top Social Media Platforms. Within The Gateway, you will find the journaling capabilities of Facebook and LinkedIN, the instant feed of Twitter, the video storage and playlisting of YouTube and best of all we are developing a ‘GoLive†feature that will enable you to broadcast live from The Gateway and simultaneously broadcast to your favorite networks as well.

This is the first of any platform to feature this capability and but best of all, its all within an environment that doesn’t frown upon nor restrict communicating OUR point of view.  All of this housed within a platform that presents all of the important aspects of presenting your ministry to the world.

Under the banner of The GoodNews! Network and GoodNewz TV, I have been on a mission of the past 2 decades to build Gospel Channels that will facilitate the apostolic evangelistic efforts of ministries large and small.  We have built several channels on such major systems as Livestream, YouTube and Streaming Video Provider.  By trial and error we have gained valuable insight into exactly what is needed to facilitate and disseminate The Gospel to target markets “Around the corner and Around the world†through media and THIS IS IT!

We are now looking for 12 innovative Apostolic Leaders who can see the value in what we are doing and would like to join us in this quest to establish this New Media Channel. We believe GoodNews! Gateway will edify God’s people and will glorify God in a way never seen or done on earth!  The foundation has been set.  All we need now to build upon all that we’ve seen and experienced in the marketplace that will work.

Our sights are set on establishing 12 distinct channels that will utilize the full capacities of The Gateway and then you will add your wisdom to help us perfect that which only God could inspire.

We call upon you to join us and become one of the innovators that will seize the opportunity to join us at launch.  We specifically seek founding partners who will join us by:

1- joining the GoodNews! Gateway community

2- building your own channel within our system

3- inviting others to join your channel and contribute

Our process is simple and you will be in complete control of the content character of your channel. You will have complete, private access to your very own control panel and you own all of the rights to your channel.  We offer tutorials, guidelines and design assistance whenever you need it.

We are so excited about the prospect of developing a relationship and confident you will be satisfied with this service. Go to to see history in the making!