How To Get On The First Page Of Google By Using Online Help For Local Business

Are you running business online and would like to appear on top of Google’s result page?

If you run a small online business, then you must get to know about Google Places, it’s Google’s free business listing service. I would suggest you to do a search for Google Places and fill your details in the form and then come back here to learn how to get more exposure from your free Google Places business listing.

Google launched its Business Centre to Google places in 2009, which allows local business owners to create their business profile, including their contact details like phone number, address, website, location, pictures, videos, trading hours, etc and also allows you to mark your business location on Google’s Maps service.

Adding business profile in to Google’s place is really great advantage for mid-level online businesses even though you might not have website, your business profile appears on first page of Google search whenever someone performs a local searches. Follow bellowed tips to perform better on Google place listing and explore maximum benefits for your business.

1. Add Customers Reviews – The more reviews your business profile has, the better chance of your listing to perform. First of all it provides social proof to peoples who are looking for service or product from you, these are your potential customers so always ask for reviews from your existing customers/clients because more you have reviews, more your potential customer will attract to your profile.

A good way to do this is to write an email to your new and existing customers or clients asking them to leave a review; this can be done on complete autopilot with an auto-responder or online email management service easily.

Write mail to your existing customers discussing about the deal you both had and achievement, add a link in your signature to invite them on your Google Place listing to leave comments, ask similar to people on your FaceBook page, and/or when people enter your shop/store to do same.

2. Keep Consistent Business Listings in Other Places – Google scrap information from other business directories to verify contact details, address, etc,if they are the same and also places these listings in your Google Places listing. Make sure all the other business listings you write in other directories should be consistent.

3. Add Right Keywords – This is a highly important thing when creating your business profile. If you have a computer’s hardware and repairing shop in Brooklyn Park, Maryland, then you need to use keywords like ‘computer repairing Brooklyn Park’, ‘computer hardware and network’. This way you can get 2 of the keywords you are targeting ‘computer repairing Brooklyn Park’ instead of just ‘computer’. But if you try and stuff more and more keywords in your company’s name like ‘Cheap and Reliable computer Repairing’ or ‘Cheap Computer Accessories’ then you might get exposure from Google due to keywords stuffing, but it will work only for short term, Google will quickly observe it and drop down your listing in their search result page.

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