How to Decorate with Industrial Farmhouse Style

Industrial Farmhouse decor style blends warm and relaxed farmhouse atmosphere with the rugged, edgy lines of industrial design. Traditional industrial design basically focuses on the idea of living in an industrial factory or warehousing environment; imagine a loft apartment in a busy city. The style was essentially shaped by an Italian furniture designer, Piero Ricci, in 1963. He conceptualized the Farmhouse, a kind of apartment without a conventional wall or windows. The Farmhouse efficiently maximizes space, creating an open living space, giving you the feeling that you are at home, even if you are thousands of miles away.

The basic Industrial Farmhouse furniture pieces are simple but functional. There is no real ornamentation or fancy exteriors. As a result, the Farmhouse style lends itself very well to country, cottage and rural styles mixed with urban styles. This look can be achieved by either keeping the structure’s natural wood color, or using wicker, rattan, etc. For instance, a dark wood tone for the walls would coordinate perfectly with a lighter wicker or rattan piece for the ceilings. Other items commonly used in industrial farmhouse decor include metal furniture, such as steel and glass cabinets.

If you are thinking of decorating a traditional farmhouse style, you have a few decisions to make. Obviously, you will have to stay away from anything that resembles a traditional farmhouse, such as stucco or tile. For the best effect, you should create an eclectic look, mixing and matching various materials, textures and colors. The Farmhouse looks best decorated with wicker, metal, and other rustic elements. In addition, since this style is essentially based on individuality and personalization, the decorating should reflect your own personality.

In decorating your industrial farmhouse style home, you need to think about functionality over form. For example, consider how you use each of the furniture pieces relative to each other. For instance, is the table usually placed in the corner? Can you arrange the chairs in such a way that it matches the bench or other pieces of furniture?

Keep in mind that the industrial style farmhouse is not only a place to eat but also a center point for the entire family. Therefore, when you decorate it, you must make sure that each room flows together, with each piece serving a specific purpose. Consider using rough woods for the floor, rough wood doors, and reclaimed wood cabinets for storage. Rough wood flooring is ideal because it adds warmth and creates an industrial look.

One way to decorate the kitchen of an industrial farmhouse style home is to use rough wood for the floors, rough wood cabinets, and rough wood shelves. Alternatively, you may decide to go with a more modern theme and work on making the entire farmhouse appear to be as if it was done on a warehouse. With regards to industrial lighting, you can use fluorescent tubes instead of traditional lights.

For a great way to bring the feel of the modern farmhouse style into your own home, consider using fluorescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting. By doing so, you will be able to create a unique feel while still bringing elements from the home office or kitchen. You can also opt to decorate the walls with painted whiteboards instead of rough wood walls. When it comes to decoration, you can create a more modern farmhouse style by choosing items such as ergonomic mouse mats and thermometers.

When it comes to personal taste, you can decorate the entire house in a retro style, or you can complement the industrial style with more traditional furnishings. Decorating the walls with a mural or painting gives the house a vintage look. If you wish to use antiques, then you can put up antique posters or signs as well as lamps. To create a more rural feel, then you can choose country bar stools instead of the usual chairs. For more ideas on how to decorate your home, you can browse the internet for more information on how to create the perfect look for your industrial farmhouse style.