GMC Lemon Law

If you own a GMC model such as an Acadia, Yukon, Sierra or Terrain model that’s under warranty and are having transmission, stalling, pump, vibration and leak issues, you might qualify for lemon law help. If after a couple trips to your local leadership, the problems are still not fixed, chances are you might be driving a lemon car.

California’s lemon law protects those who own, lease or serviced their vehicles in California. It also protects active duty military with a connection to California. If your vehicle turns out to be a lemon, car companies – in this case GM – will have to refund repairs or fully repurchase your GMC car. Best of all, it’s 100% free to you as all your attorney’s fees and costs have to be paid by the car manufacturer as well.

To find out if your car is a lemon and if you qualify for free help, contact a local lemon law firm such as Los Angeles firm Lemon Law Aid which specializes in California lemon law.

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