Check out this cute little bite-sized fantasy romance!

Emily Flowers has arrived on the scene with a cute and quick series, and it’s all about wizards, magic and romance. The first book is The Red Diamond (Iman’s Journal Book 1).

Emily Flowers takes an unconventional approach to her characters, magic, and life. Iman is a bit standoffish at times, but she grows to be delightful to readers. Her relationship with the boy that catches her attention, Troy, becomes endearing indeed. Her grandfather cinches everything together, hinting toward what magic means in the world, how it all comes together, and why it’s important that those who know magic stay far from humans, much to the growing chagrin of Iman.

The Red Diamond is a breezy entry to a fun series about wizardry, magic and finding love. It’s a nice little introduction to the world that the author is developing. Better yet, it’s free as a series starter, with four subsequent books ready to be enjoyed. If you’re looking for a cute little bite-sized fantasy romance, Emily Flowers has got you covered.