A popular type of wear resistant mechanical plastics is Black Black Cast Nylon type 66 . This excellent material has been available for decades.

Black Black Cast Nylon type 6 material

Nylon material is a super tough and durable mechanical plastic. Known for abrasion resistance is a common material for important products like machined parts that need to be self-lubricating.  If you need a quality material simply click here, %LINK%
This exceptional material excels with extended use and are typical when using Nylon. Nylon is available in a massive selection of sizes and shapes, including small extrusions to massive castings. The Dupont Natural Extruded Nylon type 6 material are commonly available.

Our Acetal Sheet is probably our choice material for machining,as it gives an nice finish both on manual and CNC Machines. It has a very low moisture absorption making it the usual grade for food contact and where the dimensional stability is important. Acetal Sheet has the best combination of high mechanical strength, durability and strength, giving it excellent sliding properties, electrical insulation, and wear resistance.

Performance Plastic materials

extruded nylon rod