Which Necklace to wear with a high neckline

High necklines such a turtleneck or halter neck create an upside-down V. This narrows your shoulders, and increases your torso. Long necklaces should not compete with high collars. You can also choose from rope or lariat chains.

So, Which Necklace to wear with a high neckline? You shouldn’t make your face look cluttered. The
necklace should compliment your face shape, enhance your features, and
not be too long or too short for an oval-shaped person.

Find your focal point. A statement necklace should be worn with statement earrings. Bold earrings need a subtle choker. Even small pendants can be distracting. Simple studs will work well with bold necklaces.

Be bolder if you feel your neckline drops below the shoulder. One-shoulder dresses allow for a bold necklace. The same applies to strapless dress. You can fill the empty space between the necklines with a statement necklace. So that you don’t have two focal points (the neck and the shoulder), it is a good idea.

The cowl neck is the focal point of attention, so your necklace should not be in competition with it. Make sure the necklace does not sit on top of the cowl neckline. A simple and short pendant will look elegant and clean. A necklace is not the best choice if your cowl neck has a high or wide profile. For a soft, subtle neckline, a simple necklace of princess length is the best choice.

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Which Necklace to wear with a High Neckline