What is the MMMA and What You Ought to Know

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, also known as the MMMA, is Michigan’s biggest advocacy group for the use of medical cannabis. Lead by Michael Komorn, President and CEO, it initially started as an online community for caregivers and patients to share their experiences, info, and advice on the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.

The MMMA was the very first organization founded to help provide a platform for patients and caregivers following the start of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. Since then, however, it has actually expanded not just as a community and discussion forum, however a legal resource, information database, news outlet, and defender of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Michigan’s Online Community and Library For Medical Marijuana

Participants of the community, including caregivers, patients, and legal experts like lawyers, can share their experiences and engage in conversation through the MMMA’s online forums. At the same time, the blog sites compile a host of various tales and point of views, from legal cases and statistics to interviews with physician. On the other hand, the Medical Marijuana Library is an extensive source of information for patients, caregivers, and doctors helping them stay above the law. It consists of info on qualifying conditions for the MMMP, how to obtain medical marijuana, just how to come to be a caregiver to assist with a patient’s use of medical cannabis and much more.

The Current MMMA Information and Updates

The MMMA additionally regularly produces and releases content that can offer additional info and a much deeper look at the development of the legal discussion around medical marijuana. The MMMA news videos offer interviews with those that have been in legal disputes around medical cannabis, along with legal suggestions, such as what to do in the event of a police encounter. At the same time, “Planet Green Trees” is an associated podcast that has a tendency to enter into several comparable events and issues on a much deeper level. Founder Michael Komorn produces and offers a lot of MMMA’s digital material, providing his legal knowledge to ensure that patients and caregivers can be as informed as feasible.

Compassion Clubs

Besides getting engaged in the conversation on the forums, the MMMA community additionally uses the web site to develop groups that can bring the competence of association to their local communities. Likewise referred to as Compassion Clubs, these groups involve participants of the MMMA welcoming and engaging with non-members who are interested or in need of the Medical Marijuana Program. They motivate guests to share their experiences and voice their problems while giving the very carefully assembled details and suggestions available on the Medical Marijuana Library.

The MMMA Legal Defense League

Last but not least, the organization has founded the MMMA Legal Defense League. This is a collaboration between the association, Komorn Law, and numerous sponsors and partner law firms. Members of the League benefit not just from even more detailed info and real-time updates on the Medical Marijuana Act from specialists, yet a host of low-priced legal services. This consists of free consultations, price cuts from sponsors and law practice, priority callbacks from the partner law office in the case of an emergency situation, and more.

The MMMA is on the frontlines of supporting patients, caregivers, and advocates of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and Program. You can find their discussion forums, details archives, and extra at https://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/.