Secrets of Successful Leaders: Blake Cory and Hunter Mackay (Real Estate)

Hunter Mackay, a top-producing MEGA real estate team leader, is spilling his secrets! In this interview, Hunter reveals how he built a successful real estate team and what you can do to replicate his success. This interview is a must-watch for anyone looking to build a MEGA real estate team and take their business to the next level. From finding and training top talent to creating a winning company culture, Hunter shares what it takes to create a successful real estate business.

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0:00 – Intro
0:45 – What Covid did to Hunter’s business
1:35 – Hunter’s self-introduction
2:11 – How monumental for a team builder to hit the 100 million volume market
3:10 – Hunter’s professional record and its effect on his gross commission income
4:16 – The more agents to the team, the more volume you’re producing vs other technique
6:06 – The 3 keys to building a mega team
6:30 – Why it’s important to pick a system that works for you
7:30 – What pushes Hunter to become a buyers agent and start a team
8:56 – Why it’s important to take care of your agents
11:52 – What pitful to avoid in the pathway in building a mega team
13:34 – The black hole/death trap of the team
14:45 – Secrets people can take away from Hunter Mackay- a level 7 team leader
16:20 – The bigger the business gets, the bigger the reason for you to be there to solve and point out problems
17:05 – Blake’s closing remarks
17:20 – Hunter’s closing remarks and a few more pieces of advice
18: 33 – Blake invites the viewers to follow Hunter on his SocMed accounts