How To Dispute Late Payments On Your Credit Report

How To Dispute Late Payments On Your  Credit Report
You know the damage a late payment can do to your credit score if it is reported on your credit reports.

Your credit rating will improve with time. With a little effort and time, late payments may be removed completely from your credit score. This article will discuss the impact late payments can have on your credit score and how they stay on your credit report. I also show you how I removed four late payments from my credit report in less than a month. What is the average length of late payments remaining on your credit report? Late payments are part of your payment history. They account for 35% of your overall FICO credit score. Just like other account information, late payments will be on your credit report for a period of seven years. A late payment can have a greater negative impact on credit scores than it does initially. As the debt accumulates, its negative impact diminishes each month. One 30-day late payment is not something that you will be able to recover from. As long as your credit history shows you are consistent in paying your bills on time and with no late payments, you can do so within a few months. Multiple late payments of 30 or 60 days, as well as 90 and 90-day late payments, will have a greater impact on your credit score. It will take longer to recover. I was able to get 4 late payments from my credit report removed and my score increased by 84 points. We all forget to pay our bills on time. This is something I have done. Due to fraudulent activity, I had my bank account closed several months ago. Or so I thought. I had updated all my auto-pay accounts. I totally forgot about the Amazon-only online store card. A credit card that I thought was closed had an annual charge. It wasn’t until I received a 90-day late fee that I discovered about it. Capital One was my creditor. I voiced my dissatisfaction with the three late payments but was not heard. I tried the same advice a few weeks back and took 4 late payments off my credit report. I took just 5 minutes to complete one. Five days later, I received a letter from Capital One stating that the late payment would be canceled. The three other late payments were 30,60 and 90 days from Capital One for a credit account I thought was closed, but which had an annual fee. A few weeks later, all three were deleted by credit bureaus. My credit score soared! My scores increased by as much as 84 points across all three Credit Bureaus. My credit score was affected by late payments. It dropped 80 points. My FICO score fell 80 points. Even though I didn’t care as much, I bought a new car and house. My credit file was not going to be used again for quite some time. I knew that I could get my late payments removed if I ever needed it. Before I wrote this article I wanted to test the methods here to see if my late payments could be removed from my credit reports. First, I Contacted the Creditor. I logged in to my Amazon credit card account and started a conversation with customer service. It’s not possible for me to admit that I forgot to update my linked bank accounts. I informed the agent that late payments were being reported to my credit reports. I didn’t believe it was true. Although it wasn’t the best thing I have ever done, I wanted to know what would happen. They said that their department would look into the matter and inform me of their decision. After a 2-minute chat, they agreed to remove the late payment. I received a letter from Capital One informing me that the late payment would be removed within 30-60 business days. It’s easy enough. It’s easy enough. I disputed other late payments directly with credit bureaus. I then went online to dispute all 3 late payments by phone with all three Credit Bureaus. I received a letter 30 days later stating that the three late payments were being canceled. But I was not done. I wanted my score to be the best it could be. Paying down credit card debt can improve your credit score. I had a credit utilization rate of 40%. This meant that I used up to 40% of all my credit cards limits. Your overall FICO score is 30% based on your credit utilization. Your payment history (35%), has the biggest impact. Your credit limit should be kept below 10-15%. This will help you maximize your score. My score increased by 84 points after I paid off all my credit card debt. This is how you can achieve the same success as me. You can remove collection accounts by first contacting the collection agency asking for a “pay to delete”. You agree to pay the amount owed and the collection company will remove the account completely from your credit reports. Your credit rating will not be improved by paying off debt collection accounts that have been paid but not deleted. You can dispute the agreement with credit bureaus if the creditor refuses to work with you. It will surprise you how many times these companies fail to submit the necessary documentation to the Credit Bureau. The account is then deleted. You can often get several accounts deleted by simply disputing them. There are three ways to remove late payments from your credit report. The best way to resolve late payments with creditors is to dispute it with them directly. If the late payment was an error. Customer service can be contacted to look into the matter. They will usually need time to investigate the issue and provide a response. If the error was made by creditors, the department will usually refund the late fee and remove the late payment from your credit score. This is not always true. You can continue to the next step if they refuse to pay the late payment. 2. You can file a dispute with the Credit Bureau. All information on your credit report can be disputed with the three major credit agencies. The credit bureau must investigate the account. The credit bureau will request validation from the creditor for late payments. Credit repair companies use this method to improve clients’ credit scores. The late payment will be deleted if the creditor does not respond within 30 days. Large banks and lenders often have credit dispute departments. These departments are often very efficient in providing all the necessary information to the credit bureaus. It is difficult to get late payments removed by disputing the credit bureaus. It’s possible, but not impossible. Check out these sample letters from credit bureaus. You can file a complaint with the CFPB. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) accepts credit-reporting complaints starting September 22nd 2012. Consumers now have the right to complain against lenders and bands about incorrect credit reporting at the Federal level. You can either file a complaint directly against the creditor or against the credit bureaus. Credit Bureaus Dispute Information TransUnion LLC Consumer Dispute Center P. O. Box 2000 Chester, PA 19016 Tips for disputing your Transunion credit report Online: Phone: 800-916-8800 – 8am-11pm EST Experian Dispute P. O. Box 4500 Allen, TX 75013 Tips for disputing your Experian credit report Online: Phone: (714) 830-7000 Equifax Information Services LLC P. O. Box 740256 Atlanta, GA 30374 Online: Phone: (800) 846-5279 Goodwill Letters Don’t Work Anymore A few years ago if you were late on an account that otherwise was always in good standing. As a courtesy, customer service could remove late payments. Credit bureaus have already ended that process. If the late payment was due to an error made by the creditor, a creditor cannot offer forgiveness. It is not a good idea to ask a creditor for forgiveness for late payments. It will be noted that you have admitted to being late and it will be more difficult to get the late payment removed in the future. One late payment of 30 days can have a negative impact on your credit score, making it harder to get approved for loans. A late payment can cause your credit score to drop by up to 75 points. These methods can be used for credit card accounts, auto loan payments, mortgage payments, store credit cards, and just about any other loan or credit account.