Feeling heartbroken? A simple technique can help heal your heart

Are you feeling
heartbroken? Yet another relationship is over, leaving you sad and hopeless
about your future love life. You question your ability to “do relationship†and
wonder if you will ever be able to love and be loved again.

Don’t despair. I know
exactly how you feel and how to get out of it.

I have been there,
several times, and I know how hard it is to believe it will get better.

At first, you may feel
unlovable, or think you are not good enough, as your self-worth most likely has
taken a dive. Those feelings may reflect themselves in other aspects of your
life too, like your work and health. You are not as productive anymore. Your
energy levels are low, and you feel like you don’t want to get out of bed,
because life is so hopeless. A terrible feeling, isn’t it?

The good news is:
“There is a way to get out of this… AND IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINKâ€

When I was at my
lowest, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping was one of the things that
could make me feel better instantly. At the end of the first session with
myself, I had eliminated most feelings of worthlessness and started to feel a
little less helpless again. By the third session, I had regained my self-esteem
and self-confidence. I could start being productive and start living life
again. By the end of the fifth session, I had stopped obsessing  about my ex and began focusing on my personal
development and transformation.

From then on, my whole
life has been transforming for the better (although in all fairness, it is not
always a straight line up, I do want to be honest about that).

That’s when I decided
I wanted to help other women going through a breakup or divorce to heal their
heart and become whole again.

Check out my website
to learn more about my story and how I can support you.

Erna Hoek 

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