Dept of Arms, 2nd Amendment Mega Store Partners With Free Speech Social Media

Dept of Arms has launched a mega online store for gun and ammo buyers to find the products they need at low costs ( At the same time, they have also partnered with Equale: Free Speech Social Media ( to create the first licensed gun dealer (FFL) friendly social media network that will allow licensed dealers to advertise gun sales. Up to this point other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.. have not allowed any advertising related to gun sales. Most consumers flock to sites like Gunbroker to buy guns and ammo, but now Equale will bring customers to dealers for much less cost. The new social meda network advertises for fractions of the costs of other social media networks. Dept of Arms has partnered with tons of distributors and other dealers in an effort to bring cheap guns and cheap ammo to the masses by showing their customers the best prices available. Teaming up with Equale: Free Speech Social Media give them a one-two punch of the 1st and 2nd Amendment that most Americans have been craving, but have been censored from by large leftist corporations. However, companies like Dept of Arms and Equale show that Patriots still exist in the corporate world and that American rights and freedom are far from gone. 

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