Conquering the 3 Wars of 2020 with Dr. Clemen Chiang Get Naked in Business Podcast

Are you ready to get naked with trading? Today, David welcomes Founder & CEO of Spiking, author, serial entrepreneur & friend, Dr. Clemen Chiang. Dr. Chiang is one of the top 3 world-renowned experts on cryptocurrency. Dr. Chiang goes into detail about how mistakes he made in 2008 made him kick things into full gear for him. Chiang shares his opinion as to where you should be investing your money for both long term & short term gain. Make sure to stay tuned until the end to hear how the 3 wars we’re facing will affect our financial destiny!


[00:01:15] Mistakes Made in 2008 Created Change[00:10:17] What Dr. Chiang Developed & Why[00:26:11] Why is Dr. Chiang Writing Another Book?[00:35:49] The 3 Wars That Are Happening Right Now[00:40:20] Dr. Chiang’s Final Thoughts

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