Best Shopping Cart Platform for Marketers: ThriveCart

I believe ThriveCart is the best shopping cart software on the market for online marketers and content creators. I was able to gain access to this cart platform through their limited lifetime pilot program a few years back. Right now, the opportunity to pay one time and own it for life is coming to an end. This has become one of the best investments I’ve made in my small business in 12 years!

Here are several types of business owners ThriveCart is an excellent fit for:

  • Authors with Physical/Digital Books 
  • Life, Health, & Relationship Coaches 
  • Digital Content Creators / Experts 
  • Consultants 
  • eCommerce Professionals (online & offline) 
  • Online Retailers 
  • Shopify Store Owners 
  • Membership Site Owners 
  • People who recruit affiliates to sell their products 

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, but one to give ideas and insight to those who are wondering if they actually need a cart.

I will be the first to say… everyone who runs an online business doesn’t need shopping cart software.

A good number of small business owners will do well simply having a PayPal or Stripe account to process incoming payments from clients. Nevertheless, there are a few categories that make having a shopping cart like ThriveCart a necessity.

A perfect example is any company that charges their clients for recurring services. Two examples include an advertising or marketing agency providing any number of monthly services, or a company that runs an online membership community where members pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. Having the customer pay once, and then automatically drafting their account at the proper interval brings predictability and consistency of cashflow into a small business. This can make the difference between survival and financial ruin.

A Few of Our Favorite Features of ThriveCart

Here are several reasons we LOVE ThriveCart, and why we recommend it without hesitation:

Lightening Fast Checkout Creation for Non-Techy People

I’ve worked with so many service professionals who needed a way to take payment online, but they were getting stuck because of the technology. ThriveCart solves that once and for all. This system is simple and easy to setup even for the people who hates technology. You can see this in the video demo below. It’s an intuitive process most people catch onto quickly. For those who don’t there are step-by-step videos. From start-to-finish, we can have a complete checkout ready to go within 10-15 minutes.

Feature Rich Affiliate Platform Built-In

The affiliate platform is live and powers thousands of customers affiliate campaigns every day! We’ve used affiliate marketing to boost our own sales and revenue, and we love it! Most of all… using ThriveCart to keep track of sales made and incoming payments has been great. We’ve also used the affiliate platform to promote one of our client’s products.

Perfect for Setting Up a Membership Website

Running a profitable membership website is no easy task. ThriveCart integrates with several options so the end user can choose what’s best for them. You can begin collecting payments within 15-20 minutes of getting this setup. (Note: this requires an additional investment of a separate membership application.) We actually use LearnDash and Member Press to manage our membership website.

Seamlessly Integrate with the Tools You Already Use

Intelligently share data with all of the other tools in your marketing stack, giving you more time to focus on running your business.

We use Active Campaign as our autoresponder  

Demio Webinar Software  

OptimizePress / Optimize Member (we set this up for a client)




Google Pay 

Apple Pay 

Plus Zapier to integrate hundred of other apps