4 Places To Catch The Big One In Myrtle Beach

There are countless restaurants in Myrtle Beach where you can get some fresh seafood. But nothing beats the experience of going right to the source. The Grand Strand is filled with great angling opportunities given that this 60-mile ocean stretch that borders the bountiful Atlantic Ocean and several waterways and inlets where you could enjoy a wonderful day of fishing without having to deal with all of the waves. Here are four of the fishing hot spots if you decide to go angling in Myrtle Beach.

Fishing Charter Boat

The best way to get a big catch is by fishing charter boats. This option is great for serious anglers who are willing to go on a full day trip to the Gulf Stream. There are several local fishing charters that offer all inclusive fishing excursions where in the crew will do everything from baiting your hook and to cleaning your fish. Charter boats go to places where you can catch the big ones like sea bass, snapper, large grouper and many more.

Fishing Piers

In case you do not have access to a fishing charter Myrtle Beach boat, a fishing pier is your next best option for catching big ocean species. There are eight in Grand Strand and that includes four in Myrtle Beach. These include Myrtle Beach State Park Pier, Springmaid Pier, Second Avenue Pier and 14TH Avenue Pier.

Intracoastal Waterway

Intracoastal waterway is a man made river that meanders through some shady and scenic spots that are excellent for a fishing trip this summer. The river runs from the Carolina border located in Little River down to Winyah Bay in Georgetown. Intracoastal Waterway is among the few spots where fishermen can catch both saltwater saltwater and freshwater fish, which is a rare treat for anglers. Although the north and the south ends of the waterway are filled with seagoing boats, the stretch from the Waccamaw Neck to Socastee Swing Bridge is lined with adjoining rivers as well as tidal creeks where you could find some great and seclusion fishing. Waterway excursions are offered by many outfitters or you could also find some public ramps and boat docks for casting from the shore. You will also find bait shops in most marinas where you can get your license as well as your other needs when you go on a fishing trip.

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a popular beach activity. It is great for fishing but not for catching mainly because of the need to find a more secluded area without simmers since fishing near crowds could be risky. Even though the city permits surf fishing, it’s not allowed to fish in places where there are swimmers. Depending on the time of day and the weather, you may find a few beach goer down time to wet the line and catch at least one fish. However, the best option is to go on a fishing trip to a location that’s remote.

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