10 Tips For Successful Divorced Parenting

If you think about the role of a drill sergeant, it is to give orders and tell others what to do and to punish those who do not follow exact orders. This is what “Drill Sergeant Parents” do with their teenagers. Finding parenting tips can be challenging

I have seen emails back and forth over t-shirts for weeks. Your time is better spent with the kids then worrying about these issues. To find out answers in solving your parenting issues you have to talk to another parent who has actually gone through that same situation as you have beforehand. Focus on the nitty gritty details of times and schedules. Most of the time, dads ideas have not come from the many books on parenting he reads or the oodles of fathers he brainstorms with

Assertive, but not intrusive. There are so many demands on us that we sometimes forget how to enjoy parenting. You can use these poems to connect with your teen-ager, and make win-win agreements that can help you be the successful parent you want to be. In a 3-4-4-3 parenting schedule, the child spends the first three days of the week with one parent and the remaining four days with the other. When the child gets older, these include decisions about working part-time, driving, extracurricular activities and school functions

After swimming, the little girl is starving. We must remember that we can lead more by our example than by what we say or instruct. Our children will see this. Its important to keep in mind too, that these well-meaning advice givers dont know your child as well as you

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